A better secondary storage

Simple, Reliable, High Availability, Global-Deduplication

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What we do?

A Cloud Based Secondary Storage with Global Data Deduplication


Industry-leading secondary storage

Born in the Cloud, Design for the Cloud, Focus on the Cloud Storage.


Data Global Deduplication

Whether you're a startup or a global enterprise, cut off your investment on cloud storage by up to 95%.


Accelerate your business

1Gbps @ NFS, we help power millions of businesses to built and run smoothly.

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It is fast and easy. One click to deploy, enjoy the fast speed secondary storage with ULimitByte.

Scalable plans

All kinds of plans that scale with your storage


  • Free
  • 0.5 TB
  • 7 days
  • Unlimited Clients
  • email/online support


  • $2,400/Month
  • Network Bandwidth: 1 Gbps
  • Capacity: 8TB after deduplication
  • Unlimited Clients
  • email/online/phone support


  • $4,800/Month
  • Network Bandwidth: 2 Gbps
  • Capacity: 16TB after deduplication
  • Unlimited Clients
  • email/online/phone support

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